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2021 Annual Report – Reclamation

The Colorado River Water Users Association membership is diverse and involved with managing the Colorado River. For this post we are highlighting Reclamation. Here’s an excerpt from the 2021 Annual Report.


The Colorado River Basin continued to face multiple challenges in 2021, including the persisting COVID-19 pandemic, severe wildfires and enduring poor hydrologic conditions. 2021 marked the 22nd consecutive year of drought in the Basin and saw both Lake Powell and Lake Mead reach their lowest levels since they originally filled. The Bureau of Reclamation recognizes the impacts of drought to partners, tribes, fisheries, wildlife, and communities across the West and is leveraging the best available science to maximize the efficient use of Colorado River water. It also is prepared to adopt further actions to protect the elevations of Lake Powell and Lake Mead. The 2007 Interim Guidelines, Minute No. 323, and the Drought Contingency Plans (DCPs) give us a solid foundation for our short-term operations through 2026, and Reclamation is committed to collaborating with all our partners across the Basin as we work toward a viable future.