2022 Articles

Message from John Entsminger, CRWUA President

John Entsminger at the Colorado River Water Users Association Annual Conference December 15, 2021.

CRWUA’s board has representatives from all seven Compact states, Mexico, and Reclamation. Each year we publish an annual report with highlights from the board and a message from our President. Here’s John Entsminger’s introduction to last year’s conference:

“When I addressed you this time last year, there was so much uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic and a dramatic shift to all the things that we came to associate with “normal” life. Despite the cancellation of our 2020 conference, along with virtually every in-person event around the world, I promised you then that we would gather again in 2021. And here we are, with a new-found appreciation for discussions and debates, fist- and elbow-bumps, and all the dialogue and discourse that come with tackling—together— the important issues surrounding the Colorado River Basin. We are all keenly aware that it is a new normal. Our daily working lives now include telecommuting, face masks, vaccinations, sanitizing, social-distancing protocols, and some continued level of uncertainty. Yet even the upheavals of a global pandemic cannot stop the work that needs to be done to secure the Colorado River resources we all rely on. Together, we have embarked on innovative solutions, including cost-sharing infrastructure to secure alternative water sources, and engaging private enterprises and think-tanks to develop new technologies to extend our water supplies. Thanks to the ongoing collaboration of the Basin States and our proactive Drought Contingency Plan commitments, we will be better prepared when a federal shortage declaration takes effect in 2022.

“In the coming months and years, our reputation for diligence in pursing creative, collaborative solutions will be put to the test. Even with our past successes, the ongoing pressures of climate change and other dynamics impacting the drought-stricken Colorado River drive us to continually reinvent ourselves and forge ahead to make the river more secure. The work of this organization is integral to both ensuring the sustainability of the river and the livelihood of the communities that rely upon it. As the saying goes, much has been done, yet there is much to do. As we come together to address current and future challenges along the river, it is my hope that we can pause long enough to reflect on how good it is to be truly together again. — John Entsminger CRWUA President”