2018 Articles

Upper & Lower Colorado River Basin Drought Contingency Plans Discussion Panels

On Thursday, December 13th there will be panel discussions for both the Upper and Lower Colorado River Basin Drought Contingency Plan.

9:15 AM – Upper Basin DCP panel

  • Moderator: Andy Mueller (CO River District GM)
  • Amy Haas, Director, Upper Colorado River Commission
  • Felicity Hannay, Chairwoman, Upper Colorado River Commission Demand management

10:00 AM – MORNING BREAK10:15 AM Lower Basin DCP panel

  • Moderator: John Fleck

11:00 AM – Municipal/Stakeholder DCP Panel

About Andy Mueller

Andy Mueller is the General Manager of the Colorado River District, taking over for longtime water leader Eric Kuhn in January 2018. Andy is an attorney, and he practiced law for many years in Ouray County before moving to Glenwood Springs about four years ago. He earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado in 1995. His legal work took him across the breadth of western Colorado water, land use and economic issues.

About John Fleck

John Fleck is Professor of Practice in Water Policy and Governance and Director of the University of New Mexico Water Resources Program. Much of his career was spent in journalism, focused since the 1980s on the interface between science and political and policy processes, with special emphasis on climate and water in the southwestern United States. He was the Water Resource program’s writer-in-residence for three years before transitioning to academia full time in 2016. In the field of water resources, his primary interest is in nurturing the collaborative water governance needed to adapt to scarcity in the southwestern United States as populations grow while climate change reduces water supplies. He is the author of the popular book, ”Water is for Fighting Over: and Other Myths about Water in the West.”