Past Conferences

2017 Conference

Many Instruments, One Orchestra: The Music of the Basin

December 13-15, 2017


December 13

Colorado River 101 – A Visit with Justice Hobbs

  • The Honorable Gregory Hobbs (retired), Colorado Supreme Court, Senior Water Judge assigned to mediation of water cases | PDF ⟶

Colloquium – #Now – How Social Media Is Changing the Way We Conduct Water Communication

  • Moderator: Heather Macre, Board Member, Central Arizona Project
  • Stacy Chesney, Media Communications Manager, Central Arizona Project | PDF ⟶
  • John Orr, Social Media Coordinator, Colorado River Water Users Association | PDF ⟶
  • Monika Medina, Principal Public Affairs Representative, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California | PDF ⟶
  • Ry Rivard, Staff Writer, Voice of San Diego
  • Lisa Story, Communication Services Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority | PDF ⟶

Colloquium – Singing a Challenging Tune: Harmonizing Dams and Environmental Mitigation

  • Moderator: Dr. Jack Schmidt, Professor of Watershed Sciences, Utah State University
  • Jack Schmidt, Professor of Watershed Sciences, Utah State University | PDF ⟶
  • Paul Grams, Research Hydrologist, US Geological Survey | PDF ⟶
  • Theodore Kennedy, Research Ecologist, US Geological Survey | PDF ⟶
  • Patrick Shafroth, Research Ecologist, US Geological Survey | PDF ⟶
  • Charles Yackulic, Research Statistician, US Geological Survey | PDF ⟶

December 14

Welcome – Video Presentation: California and the Colorado River Basin: Seeing the Future Through the Lens of Cooperation | Video ⟶

  • Bart Fisher, CRWUA President

Keynote Panel – A Ballet in the Making: Choreographing Issues Across the Basin | Video ⟶

  • Moderator: Eric Kuhn, General Manager, Colorado River District
  • Tom Buschatzke, Director, Arizona Department of Water Resources
  • John Entsminger, General Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority
  • Kevin Kelley, General Manager, Imperial Irrigation District
  • Jeff Kightlinger, General Manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Don Ostler, Executive Director, Upper Colorado River Commission

Finding a Tempo that Works: System Conservation | Video ⟶

  • Moderator: Taylor Hawes, Colorado River Program Director, The Nature Conservancy
  • Amy Haas, Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, Upper Colorado River Commission | PDF ⟶
  • Mark Harris, General Manager, Grand Valley Water Users Association
  • Steve Hvinden, Chief, Boulder Canyon Operations Office, US Bureau of Reclamation | PDF ⟶
  • Stephen Roe Lewis, Governor, Gila River Indian Community | PDF ⟶

Lunch | Video ⟶

A Pastoral Symphony: The Farm Bill Reauthorization

  • Moderator: Jeanine Jones, Interstate Water Resources Manager, California Department of Water Resources
  • Don Barnett, Executive Director, Colorado River Salinity Control Forum | PDF ⟶
  • Tracy Streeter, Director, Kansas Water Office | PDF ⟶
  • Troy Timmons, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Western Governors Association | PDF ⟶

When the Opera House Collapses: Water Supply During Natural Disasters

  • Moderator: Jim Dunlap, Commissioner, San Juan River Commission
  • Russ Sands, Senior Planner, The Brendle Group | PDF ⟶
  • Gary Williams, Executive Director, Florida Rural Water Association | PDF ⟶

Expanding the Range of Our Instruments: Finding New Uses for Existing Infrastructure

  • Moderator: Alexandra Arboleda, Board Member, Central Arizona Project
  • Ken Seasholes, Resource Planning and Analysis Manager, Central Arizona Project | PDF ⟶
  • Lurline Underbrink Curran, Former County Manager, Grand County, Colorado | PDF ⟶

A Challenging Orchestration: Findings from the Tribal Water Study | Video ⟶

  • Moderator: Darryl Vigil, Water Administrator, Jicarilla Apache Nation
  • Pamela Adams, Hydrologist, US Bureau of Reclamation | PDF ⟶
  • Leland Begay, Legal Counsel, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe
  • Russell Begaye, President, Navajo Nation | PDF ⟶
  • Lorelai Cloud, Councilwoman, Southern Ute Tribal Council | PDF ⟶
  • Mason Morisset, Attorney at Law/Director, Morisset Schlosser Jozwiak & Somerville
  • Margaret J. Vick, JSD

December 15

The Centennial Anniversary of the Salt River Project and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Partnership (1917 – 2017) | Video ⟶

  • David Palumbo, Deputy Commissioner, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • David Rousseau, President, Salt River Project

Mexico Delegation | Video ⟶

  • Victor Alcocer, Subdirector General, Comisión Nacional del Agua (Mexican National Water Commission)
  • Dr. Roberto Salmón Castelo, Director General, Comisión Internacional del Límites y Agua (International Boundary and Water Commission of U.S. and Mexico)
  • Edward Drusina, U.S. Commissioner, International Boundary and Water Commission of U.S. and Mexico