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Tribal Water Panel

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For folks interested in tribal water rights and efforts to manage water in the Colorado River Basin won’t want to miss the session, “We’re all in this boat,” on Thursday at this year’s CRWUA Annual Conference:

PM Session 1B – Tribal Water Panel “We’re All In This Boat” – Platinum Room

  • Moderator: Daryl Vigil, Water Administrator, Jicarilla Apache Nation
  • Lorelei Cloud, Councilwoman, Southern Ute Tribal Council
  • Celene Hawkins, Director, Western Colorado Water Project, Colorado Chapter, The Nature Conservancy
  • Tim Williams, Chairman, Fort Mojave Indian Tribe

While there is always the potential for conflict in the world of water management the Ten Tribes Partnership has a history of trying to work with others on the Colorado River in a collaborative fashion always keeping an eye on river health in the long-term. The partnership was instrumental in the report, “Colorado River Basin Ten Tribes Partnership Tribal Water Study report in conjunction with the Bureaua of Reclamation, which was release last December. (Read it here.)

In light of the importance of tribal water rights in the Colorado River Basin, the Partnership and Reclamation collaborated to contribute crucial tribal-specific information to the discussions regarding Colorado River management,” said Lorelei Cloud, Chairman of the Ten Tribes Partnership, said about the report. “Without the hard work and dedication of Reclamation, tribal leaders, and tribal staff, this critical project would not have been possible.”

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