2021 Articles

Wayne Pullan, Upper Colorado Basin Regional Director

CRWUA members are the heart of our organization. Say hello to Wayne Pullan the Upper Colorado Basin Regional Director.

As Regional Director, Pullan leads 800 Reclamation professionals who manage 82 projects and dams, including 19 hydroelectric powerplants. Those facilities provide water to approximately 5.7 million people living in the region and electricity for almost 6 million power users. Upper Colorado Basin Region reservoirs and surrounding lands also provide world- renowned recreational opportunities and welcome millions of visitors every year.

“I am honored by this opportunity to serve my fellow citizens in pursuit of Reclamation’s mission— providing water and power within the Colorado, Rio Grande, and Great Basin watersheds in support of communities including Native American Tribes.,” — Wayne Pullan.

Pullan most recently served as the deputy regional director for the Upper Colorado Region. In that role, he worked on infrastructure rehabilitation, endangered species recovery, Indian water rights settlements, water quality improvement, and municipal and irrigation water supply planning. Pullan’s many years of service include serving as area manager of the Provo Area Office and as program coordinator in the Department of Interior’s Central Utah Project Completion Act Office.

Pullan is a native of Utah. He holds bachelor’s degrees in economics and Asian studies, as well as a master’s degree in agricultural economics—all from Brigham Young University.