2023 Articles

Say hello to JB Hamby!

JB is the 12th Chairman of the Colorado River Board of California and the state of California’s Colorado River Commissioner, a post he assumed in January 2023. In those roles, JB works to safeguard the rights and interests of California, its agencies and residents concerning the Colorado River. Since 2020, he has served on the board of Imperial Irrigation District (IID) representing Division 2, which includes southeast El Centro, Heber, Holtville and Seeley. A fourth-generation resident of the Imperial Valley, JB grew up immersed in water and agricultural issues in the Lower Colorado River region. At IID, he led the formation of the Coachella Valley Energy Commission and served as its chair to help develop long-term solutions to complex energy matters and modernize the policies, processes and culture of the organization for the benefit of IID’s residents and ratepayers. JB is a Stanford University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in history and is an alumnus of the Water Education Foundation’s inaugural Colorado River Water Leaders Program.