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Colby Pellegrino, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Jim Lochhead, Denver Water CEO/Manager, will be on a panel on Thursday at the CRWUA Annual Convention titled, “DCP: An Upper Basin Perspective,” discussing the Upper Basin Drought Contingency Plan approved last May.

Colby Pellegrino is moderating a panel, “DCP: A Lower Basin Perspective,” on Thursday morning at the CRWUA Annual Conference. She is the Director of Water Resources for the Southern Nevada Water Authority and has worked extensively on Colorado River issues there. In her role she leads and coordinates development of the Authority’s policies for protection of Nevada’s interests and rights to Colorado River water. She also serves as a primary spokesperson and representative on technical committees and in the development of multi-state agreements regarding the Colorado River.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the conversation around the Colorado River Drought Contingency plans approved by the Upper and Lower basins earlier this year.

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