2022 Articles

Ted Cooke – General Manager, Central Arizona Project

Say hello to Ted Cooke, General Manager of the Central Arizona Project and one of the featured speakers at the 2022 CRWUA Annual Conference.

The Central Arizona Project is Arizona’s largest renewable water supply, transporting and delivering approximately one-half of Arizona’s Colorado River apportionment to the interior of the state.

Ted was appointed General Manager in March 2016, reporting to the Board of Directors and responsible for carrying out the Board’s policy directives and overseeing all operational aspects of CAP. Previously, he was Deputy General Manager, Finance and Administration. Ted joined CAP in 1999.

Ted is currently a member of the Arizona Governor’s Water Augmentation, Innovation and Conservation Council and serves as the Co-Chair of the Arizona Reconsultation Committee and Executive Chair of the Water Utility Climate Alliance. He serves on the Arizona Water Infrastructure Finance Authority Board and was recently a recipient of the Arizona Capitol Times Environmental Leader of the Year award.

Ted’s four-decade career in utilities, technology, finance and operations has also included positions at Xerox Corporation, Luz International Limited, the world’s pioneer commercial solar power developer and operator, and OESI Power Corporation, a geothermal power developer and operator.

Ted has earned a BS in Physics from Loyola Marymount University, an MBA in Operations Management and Management Science from UCLA, and a DBA in Management from California Coast University.