2023 Articles

Say hello to Karen Kwon!

Karen is the Associate Program Director for the Colorado River Sustainability Campaign where she works with groups focused on advancing collaborative solutions to the water supply and ecosystem challenges existing within the Colorado River Basin. Karen is an attorney by trade with more than 20 years of experience in problem-solving resource scarcity challenges and expertise in water law and policy related to the Colorado River Basin. Karen’s Colorado River experience stems from her Colorado roots, tenure at the Colorado Attorney General’s office, and many years of engagement with the Upper Colorado River Commission, Lower Basin States, and Mexico. Through her work in interstate water law as well as the Interim Guidelines, Drought Contingency Plans, Long-Term Environmental Management Plan, and Minutes 319 and 323 to the US/Mexico Water Treaty, Karen has secured a reputation for sifting through seemingly intractable differences to arrive at workable solutions to the water supply and resource challenges confronting federal and state agencies, water users, conservation districts, Tribal Nations, municipalities, and non-governmental organizations.