2022 Articles

CRWUA President Aaron Chavez’s Message

Here is CRWUA President Aaron Chavez’s Message from this year’s Annual Report:

“2022 is the year of conversation, and the talk is centered on what is happening to and around the Colorado River. New Mexico’s participation in the Colorado River story takes us to the 24th day of November 1922, the signing of the Colorado River Compact at Bishops Lodge in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This act divides the water of the “Mighty Colorado” between the Upper and Lower Colorado River Basins, and establishes the cornerstone of the “Law of the River.” This compact is a part of the Colorado River story that has brought within its writings a reflection of past thoughts and actions, and a continual review of its reasonings for the past 100 years. We acknowledge the efforts of those who gathered during their time in history, I also recognize that we are in the here and now, with present talents to meet the challenges that lay before us.

“The impacts of the Colorado River Basin’s 22-year drought pattern range from extremely severe drought to megadrought and have been labeled as the most extreme megadrought in the last 1,200 years. We’ve experienced how ongoing drought conditions have brought about environmental and lifestyle changes. Our common goal as stewards of the Colorado River is to protect and preserve what we are given.

“We are fortunate to have in our reach dedicated individuals with diverse talents and resources that will be drawn upon to develop Upper and Lower Basin strategies for Water Conservation Measures, and Drought Resilience Projects to improve and protect the Colorado River System. The Colorado River is a force all to itself “so everything will live where the river goes.

“I hope you will be inspired by what you will glean as you participate in the 2022 Colorado River Water Users Annual Conference. I share with you that this is not a coincidence, we are here for a reason. We are the Colorado River Water Users Association and the voice in the Colorado River Conversation.”