2024 Articles


Click here to read about Arizona’s 2023 accomplishments in the Colorado River Basin from the CRWUA 2023 Annual Report.

Here’s an excerpt from the report:

“Arizona began 2023 in the first-ever declared Tier 2a shortage for Colorado River operations. This represented a 592,000 acre-foot reduction to Arizona’s Colorado River supply, constituting 34% of Central Arizona Project’s normal supply in an average year, 21% of Arizona’s Colorado River supply and about 9% of Arizona’s total water use.

“Nearly all the reductions within Arizona have been taken by Central Arizona Project (CAP) water users. These reductions are implemented pursuant to the CAP priority system – the result being no Colorado River water available for the Excess Water or Agricultural pools and a slight reduction to Municipal & Industrial (M&I) and Tribal supplies.

“Joint communications efforts are ongoing and representatives from the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) and CAP continue to field media calls from local, regional, national – and even international – media outlets. Communications efforts regarding shortage have included a fact sheet, FAQ, stakeholder briefings, infographics and community presentations.”