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What Does the Science Say?

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Are you curious about the past and future engineering and science of the Colorado River Basin? You’ll want to attend the Thursday session at the CRWUA Annual Conference (December 11-13, Bally’s, Las Vegas) titled, “What Does the Science Say?”

PM Session 1A – What Does the Science Say? – Gold Room

  • Eric Kuhn, General Manager (Retired), Colorado River District
  • Katharine Jacobs, Director, Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions, University of Arizona
  • Jack Schmidt, Professor of Watershed Sciences, Utah State University
  • Brad Udall, Senior Water and Climate Research Scientist, Colorado Water Institute

The panelists are well known in the Colorado River Basin from stem to stern for their understanding of the science and engineering that has made the Colorado River an economic powerhouse in the United States. They know the present and future challenges for the river facing decreased supplies with less certain hydrology. Agriculture, recreation, power generation, industrial, and domestic water supplies are all part of the equation and all part of the solution going forward, as are conservation and the ecology of the river.

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