2023 Articles

Say hello to Julie Bushell!

With over 25 years of expertise at the intersection of agriculture and technology, she has passionately shaped her career to bolster rural economic development with unwavering support for agriculture. In 2019, Julie embarked on a bold journey, founding Paige Wireless, which later evolved into Ethos Connected in 2022. This transformation underscores Julie’s commitment to addressing the most critical needs within local communities. Her focus extends to safeguarding our food supply, ensuring the sustainable management of water resources, and nurturing the rural economies essential for our collective prosperity.

Beyond her executive role, Julie’s commitment to sustainability resonates in her leadership positions. She serves as the President Elect of the National Irrigation Association. Julie is also a member of the FCC’s Precision Agriculture Connectivity Task Force where she serves as the Chair of the Adoption of Precision Agriculture and High-Quality Jobs on Connected Farms Work Group, a member of the AFCC Carbon Intensity Standard Committee and serves as a board member on the University Technology Development Corporation (UTDC).

Julie Bushell’s dedication and advocacy are central to her involvement in statewide and federal public policy initiatives, with a strong focus promoting rural connectivity, fortifying critical infrastructure, championing agriculture, and conserving our precious natural resources.