2022 Articles

Sara G. Larsen – PE Deputy Director & Chief Engineer, Upper Colorado River Commission

Sara G. Larsen, PE Deputy Director & Chief Engineer Upper Colorado River Commission . Sara started out in the “water world” at the Utah Division of Water Resources in 2001. She worked for the State of Utah and Provo River Water Users Association for a number of years before returning to the University of Utah for a Master’s in civil engineering and water resources. After a stint as an infrastructure modeler at Los Alamos National Laboratory, she joined the Western States Water Council to research water/energy nexus topics and to promote and enable “open water data-sharing” amongst the WSWC’s seventeen member states.

In 2019, Sara joined the Upper Colorado River Commission (UCRC), as their Deputy Director and Chief Engineer. Sara coordinates many multidisciplinary teams/efforts related to deploying best-available science solutions and operations in the Colorado River Basin, from collaborative CRSS modeling work, consumptive use estimation, measurement/infrastructure network development, to helping with day-to-day operations at the Commission. She works to promote the goals of the Commission – to foster interstate comity and partnerships and to advance data and science in support of the Colorado River’s sustainable management.