2018 Annual Conference

No Shortage of Concern: Beyond the Shadow of Drought

December 12-14, 2018

2018 CRWUA Conference Highlights

December 12

  • Colorado River 101 - A View of the River
    - Colby Pellegrino, Director of Water Resources, Southern Nevada Water Authority (PDF)
  • Colloquium - #Israeli and U.S. Water Technology: Versatile Solutions for Colorado River Challenges
    - Moderator: Sharon Megdal, Ph.D., Central Arizona Project Board Secretary and Director of University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center (PDF)
    - Oded Distel, Director of Israel New Tech Program, Israeli Ministry for the Economy (PDF)
    - David Johnson, Deputy General Manager of Engineering and Operations, Southern Nevada Water Authority (PDF)
    Tamar Shor, Chief Operating Officer, N-Drip, and former Senior Deputy Director, Israel Water Authority (PDF)
    - Maureen Stapleton, General Manager, San Diego County Water Authority (PDF)
    - Abraham Tenne, Consultant, and retired Head of Desalination Division, Israel Water Authority (PDF)
    - Dan Thelander, Partner, Tempe Farming Co. (PDF)
  • Colloquium - Show Me the Money: Innovative Funding Mechanisms for Water Projects
    - Moderator: Season Martin, Water Projects and Sustainable Finance Director, The Nature Conservancy 
    - Ricardo Bayon, Partner, Encourage Capital
    - Astor Boozer, Regional Conservationist, West, Natural Resources Conservation Service
    - Cynthia Koehler, Executive Director, WaterNow Alliance (PDF)
    - Avra Morgan, Program Analyst, US Bureau of Reclamation (PDF)
    - Todd Reeve, Chief Executive Officer, Bonneville Environmental Foundation

December 13

  • Welcome - Jim Broderick, CRWUA President (Video)
  • Commissioner's Perspective: Responding to Risk in the Colorado River Basin (PDF)
    - Brenda Burman, Commissioner, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • DCP: An Upper Basin Perspective
    - Moderator: Andy Mueller, General Manager, Colorado River Water Conservation District
    - Tom Blaine, Commissioner for the State of New Mexico, Upper Colorado River Commission
    - James Eklund, Commissioner for the State of Colorado, Upper Colorado River Commission
    - Amy Haas, Executive Director, Upper Colorado River Commission  
    - Eric Millis, Commissioner for the State of Utah, Upper Colorado River Commission 
    - Pat Tyrrell, Commissioner for the State of Wyoming, Upper Colorado River Commission 
  • DCP: A Lower Basin Perspective (Video: 00:00-45:00) 
    - Moderator: John Fleck, Director, Water Resources Program, University of New Mexico
    - Thomas Buschatzke, Director, Arizona Department of Water Resources
    - Ted Cooke, General Manager, Central Arizona Project 
    - John Entsminger, General Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority
    Peter Nelson, Director, Coachella Valley Water District; Chairman, Colorado River Board of California
  • DCP: A Stakeholder Perspective (Video: 48:00-1:27:38) (Slides PDF)
    - Moderator: Mary Kelly, Partner, Culp and Kelly, LLP
    - Aaron Derwingson, Agricultural Coordinator, Colorado River Program, The Nature Conservancy
    - Mark Harris, General Manager, Grand Valley Water Users Association 
    - Leslie James, Executive Director, Colorado River Energy Distributors Association
    - Keith Moses, Vice Chairman, Colorado River Indian Tribes
    Kathryn Sorensen, Director, City of Phoenix Water Services Department
  • Lunch
  • Tribal Water: Opportunities and Challenges (Map PDF)
    - Moderator: Darryl Vigil, Water Administrator, Jicarilla Apache Nation
    Russell Begaye, President, Navajo Nation (PDF)
    - Rosa Long, Councilwoman, Cocopah Indian Tribe
    - Levi Pesata, President, Jicarilla Apache Nation
    - Tim Williams, Chairman, Fort Mojave Indian Tribe (PDF)
  • Adaptation Strategies in a Changing Climate
    - Introduction: Jennifer Brown, Director, Central Arizona Project
    - Moderator: Jim Holway, Director, Central Arizona Project (PDF)
    - Taryn Finnessey, Senior Climate Change Specialist, State of Colorado (PDF)
    - Jeanine Jones, Interstate Resources Manager, California Department of Water Resources (PDF)
    - Mohammed Mahmoud, Senior Policy Analyst, Central Arizona Project (PDF)
  • Agricultural to Urban Water Transfers (Slide PDF)
    - Moderator: AWarren Peterson, Vice President, Farmland Reserve 
    - Tom Iseman, Director of Water Scarcity and Markets, Global Freshwater Program, The Nature Conservancy
    - Jack Seiler, Trustee, Palo Verde Irrigation District
  • Wildfire Impact on Water Quality and Watershed Restoration
    - Introduction: Chris Finlinson, Assistant General Manager, Central Utah Water Conservancy District
    Christina Burri, Watershed Scientist, Denver Water (PDF)
    - Brad Sherwood, Community and Government Affairs Manager, Sonoma Water (PDF)
    Gerard Yates, Water Quality and Treatment Manager, Central Utah Water Conservancy District (PDF)

December 14

  • Business Meeting (Video: 00:00-4:30)
  • 50th Anniversary of the Colorado River Basin Project Act (Video: 4:30-13:39)
  • US-Mexico Cooperation on the Colorado River (Video: 00:00-18:00)
    - Jayne Harkins, U.S. Commissioner, International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico (PDF)
  • Senior Federal Agency Water Officials Panel (Video: 18:40-1:40:34)
    - Dr. Tim Petty, Assistant Secretary for Water and Science, U.S. Dept. of the Interior
    - Brenda Burman, Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation
    - Dave Ross, Assistant Administrator, Office of Water, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    - Bill Northey, Under Secretary, Farm Production and Conservation, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
    - Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, Acting Under Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Commerce/National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration
    - Brig. General Pete Helmlinger, Commander, Northwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers