Past Conferences


2023 Conference

Constructing A Resilient Future: Rebuilding from the Ground Up

2022 Conference

A New Century for the Colorado River Compact – Challenges and Opportunities

2021 Conference

2021 CRWUA Conference

2020 Conference

75th Anniversary

2019 Conference

Exploring the River Together

2018 Conference

No Shortage of Concern: Beyond the Shadow of Drought

2017 Conference

Many Instruments, One Orchestra: The Music of the Basin

2016 Conference

Forge the Future: Collaborate, Innovate and Communicate

2015 Conference

70 Years of Communications and Collaborations

2014 Conference

Challenged but Unbroken: Sustaining the Colorado River

2013 Conference

Colorado River: Committed Collaboration

2012 Conference

Water Through Partnerships: 90 Years of Sharing

2011 Conference

Connected by the Colorado

2010 Conference

2010 CRWUA Conference

2009 Conference

Cost of Change: Challenges and Opportunities

2008 Conference

2008 CRWUA Conference